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A private party can celebrate success, birthdays and more. Most people manage their drinks service personally, but a bartender for hire at home could be a better choice. There are several benefits that a professional cocktail bartender can provide for any party at home or event.

   Bartenders will get the bar setup

  You can feel like a guest at the party

  It will reduce the cost of the party

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Bartenders - Hire dedicated, professional mixologists


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With over 10 years of experience in the house party market, Auckland Bartenders is the ideal partner for all your private party or corporate event needs. Only here you will find professional bartenders, experienced wine waiters and cocktail waitresses for hire at Auckland based events.

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At Auckland Bartenders you can hire mixologists with years of experience working at some of the most glamorous weddings, corporate events and parties at home. Cocktail bartenders who can pour the perfect mixed drink and assist with all aspects of your special function.

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Amazing cocktails made with flair, Auckland's best bartenders will wow your guests with flair moves and the best cocktails in town. Our flairtenders are not your average bartender, for the ultimate private party entertainment they are the best and the recommended option.

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Drinks Packages - Mixology Events.

All inclusive drinks packages for private parties and events to match your exact requirements.

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There are many reasons why you should hire a private bartender but we will talk about the important ones. Professional bartenders can help you know how much alcohol to have at your party at home. They will provide input on your mixers and everything else you might need.

Book private event bar services and you can enjoy these additional benefits:

  • since your barman will help setting the bar and serving drinks, you can worry about tending to your guests instead of mixing drinks
  • a hired bartender will make sure that you're getting the attention you deserve, you can feel like a guest at your own party
  • a professional bartender will serve appropriate ratios for every favourite cocktail, therefore it will help reducing the cost of the ingredients


No matter if you need to hire party bartenders for a birthday celebration at home or a bartender for a party at the office, Auckland Bartenders promise is to make it special. Get the party atmosphere started with a fun and professional bartender. Let us do all the work so you can sit back and enjoy the party like a guest!

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